Recording of Clinton/ Lynch plane conversation 6/27/16

Official Press Release:

Recording of Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch Tarmac Meeting

The Tempest Emanations program controls communications security of government officials at the highest level including that of the attorney general. It involves both the NSA and NATO.

Communications security (CommSec)is fundamental to this program.

The military is involved in management and design of this program since 2012.

The Defense Informations Systems Agency manages the monitoring of telephonic devices and electronic communication systems a board the airplane of certain government officials including the Attorney General, who is required to use a government issued plane for all travel both personal and business.

Such monitoring is accomplished through VOSIP (voiceover secure Internet protocol)

It’s protocol involves recording both on site and remotely of audio, video, and Skype.

This information is captured and then stored by the NSA in Utah.


In conclusion, it was statutorily required for Loretta Lynch to be on a government plane, which she was on June 27, 2016 when she met with President Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix. The Tempest Emanations program through the NSA and NATO monitored the telephonic and computer devices on that plane through the VOSIP component of CommSec (Communications Security). That I captured would have included audio and video through the plans telephonic, computer, and other electronic devices. Such information would be captured and stored by the NSA and it should be publicly available through FOIA.

The FOIA law allows for expedited processing in under 10 days in circumstances consistent with those described above regarding the need for immediate public disclosure of government related business which could affect election outcomes.

The recording of the conversation between Lynch and Bill Clinton on the Phoenix tarmac 6/27/16 may exist. I filed an FBI tip below as well as several FOIA requests. Such recording would have been through the NSA’s and NATO’s tempest emanations program. NATO may be entitled to involvement through a breach of the tempest emanations / communications security (CommSec) program. Audio/ video/ Skype may exist as the plane was equipped with VOSIP (Voice Over Secure Internet Protocol) through both it’s phones and all of its electronic devices.

I FOIA’d FBI, NSA, OSTP, DISA, DTIC, FAA already. The short version (summary) and then the long version (FOIA version) follow below.


A recording of the conversation between Lynch and Clinton on the plane may exist. The US May have a NATO reporting requirement due to a possible breach of the tempest emanations program (through both the NSA and NATO) involving cryptographic security (crypsec), transmission security (transec), emissions security (emsec), and the overall communications security (commsec) program. Monitoring is accomplished through VOSIP as well as other mechanisms. The Attorney General is required to fly aboard a government aircraft, as Loretta Lynch did on June 27, 2016. There may be voice/ audio/ skype or other recordings that may have been present on the plane as well as in other locations that remotely monitored the plane. The Internet Connectivity Establishment (ICE) and IETF administrate NAT (Network Address Translators both static and pure) / and STUN (Session Transversal Utilities for NAT) and it’s extension through a Transverse Utility Relay for NAT (TURN). ICE can be utilized by any protocol including the offer/answer model such as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). 


To whom it may concern, 

The Tempest Emanations program (through both the NSA and NATO) mandates that the National Security Agency monitors Tempest Emanations including cryptographic security (crypsec), transmission security (transec), emissions security (emsec), and the overall communications security (commsec) program. This is accomplished through Voice Over Secure Internet Protocol (VOSIP), or the less likely version of the older STE (Secure Terminal Equipment). The Attorney General is required to fly aboard a government fixed wing aircraft, as AG Loretta Lynch did on June 27, 2016. Such an aircraft was required to have been outfitted with VOSIP (or older STE) monitoring equipment. The VOSIP program (and or STE) installed on her aircraft included both video and audio streaming and video and audio recording devices as required by NSA/ NATO Tempest Emanations and Commsec protocols. Please provide for me the entire transcript of the contents of this voice recording device on board said plane for the entire day of June 27, 2016. Please provide said transcript and any other recordings or any other voice/ audio/ skype or other recordings that may have been present on the plane as well as in other locations that remotely monitored the plane through VOSIP/ STE as well as any protocols other than through the VOSIP/ STE device. The Tempest Emanations program, administered through both the NSA and NATO, also includes other forms of recorded commsec (communications security) not only allowing recordings and audio/ video/ Skype streaming between telephonic devices but also between computers and other electronic devices. Please provide me with all video, audio, Skype and any other type of medium or recordings on that date through both devices present on the plane and other identifiable devices within your program that may have been located in locations other than the plane itself. This program includes but is not limited to ICE (Internet Connectivity Establishment through the Internet Engineering Task Force) allowing peer to peer communication including both video and instant messaging capabilities including but not limited to Skype transmissions. ICE makes use of the session transversal utilities for NAT (Network Address Translators both static and pure) / and STUN (Session Transversal Utilities for NAT) and it’s extension through a Transverse Utility Relay for NAT (TURN). ICE can be utilized by any protocol including the offer/answer model such as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), during the meeting of Loretta Lynch with Bill Clinton on her plane. The SDP (Session Description Protocol) should include the media parameters to be transferred in any of the given media streams recorded. It should also contain a number of different codecs per media stream. Please use ANAT (alternative network address type) semantics to identify all network addresses for all potentially relevant media streams transmitted and or recorded on the date described an effort to thoroughly identify all recorded sources. Networks should be able to identify media streams through environments such as IPv4 and IPv6 hosts. Additional information on this can be obtained through the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) as a division of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). If there are any other media streams identifiable through RFC’s as defined by the original ARPANET (decommissioned 1990) such TCP/ IP (Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol) please identify such media streams and provide copies of any such recordings of communications during those dates including any existing audio, video, Skype, text, or other electronic communications for said plane on said date as well as remotely recorded forms of data storage responsive to this FOIA request.

I shall assume that the majority of the conversation between AG Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport that date shall be completely unredacted as the only conversation revolved around grandchildren and golf and did not involve national security or government business or any deliberative process allowing such deliberative redactions. I am willing to pay $250 for duplication of records responsive to the aforementioned search criteria.

If there are other agencies that are not geographically located near you that would extend the time limit of your search please specify in your interim response as to which agencies you are referring to. If there is a finding of anticipated unusual circumstances that will impact the timing of your response please specify which such unusual circumstances exist. I would also then ask you to suggest to me a specific manner by which I could narrow the of scope of my request to definitively eliminate such unusual circumstances. In the event that your interim response were to claim that your workload is excessive at this time therefore suggesting the implication that FOIA may therefore allow you a legal extension your anticipated response beyond the legal 20 day time limit, I contend your agency would then be in violation of your fiduciary duty to comply within the legal 20 day time limit under the federal FOIA law. I am well aware that these cases are taken in queue on a first come first served basis and remain appreciative and respectful of your workload. However if you are to claim in your interim response that federal law allows you or your agency the latitude or discretion to extend beyond this 20 business day legal time limit absent a finding of unusual circumstances, please include or attach to your interim response the specific carve out in federal law allowing you such latitude or discretion for the purpose of judicial review. It is my hope to avoid such judicial review. I am not a member of the press nor am I asking for expedition of this request for journalistic, humanitarian, or other reasons. If you are aware of any other agencies that could be productive of the results sought, please delineate such specific agencies in the context of your anticipated interim response. Any such additional FOIA requests would not preclude my desire to vigorously pursue this FOIA request but would be separate and supplemental.

If this request has been filtered by the White House under its unilaterally assigned terminology claimed under the phraseology “White House Equities” or the like please disclose this in the context of your response along with the rationale for such executive filtration. 

I am willing to pay up to $250 in costs. If you expect this request would exceed such amount I ask that you please include a detailed description in your anticipated interim response upon what such significant costs would be predicated. Thank you in advance for your help as I remain appreciative of your diligent efforts in assuring the timely and thorough transparency assured me under the safeguards consistent with the specific parameters delineated under FOIA. 

3 thoughts on “Recording of Clinton/ Lynch plane conversation 6/27/16”

  1. Dr Kawa,

    Great sleuthing work. Did you ever get a response to this request? If so and you do have the recording, are you listing it on your website for us to hear?

    thank you for your fine work.

    Ron Grosjean (grozhawn)
    Hayward CA

    I got your website and information from an interview you gave on Foxnews days before the election.

  2. I am appalled that the issues with HRC & her staff were not brought to justice; the evidence is there. It is one huge cover-up. What a shame she is to our country. I would bet she’s scared to death now being she lost the election. I don’t think she thought for one minute that she would lose given the massive voter fraud, media bias, character assassination, & hatred that was dumped on DJT. She should be brought to justice.

  3. God bless you Citizen Kawa for your energy, concern and integrity with regard to pursuing the truth about the criminal behavior of these gov’t officials. I am of the opinion that justice must be accomplished because allowing officials guilty of serious criminal corruption, will only encourage more of it and demoralize the American people, who are not let off the hook for far lesser illegal activities that what needs to be investigated with Clinton, the State Dept and her aides. Thank you, Mr. Kawa.

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