Hannity: Kawa Discovers Huma Abedin Security Breach

Datto Device Containing ALL Clinton Emails Discovered in FBI’s Possession!

FOIA’d by Judicial Watch on behalf of Dr. Kawa


6 thoughts on “Hannity: Kawa Discovers Huma Abedin Security Breach”

  1. I shared the link, hillaryforpresident.com on my page and on a group site. One of the group posted that McAffee says the site is not safe. I posted an apology if it does have spyware or malware but I told them I had no problems with this site what-so-ever. I checked for any spyware and/or malware. Didn’t find any. Just letting you know, in case of conspiracy to keep people from this sight. I would not be surprised. Best Wishes.

  2. Why don’t you reference the Hannity show’s date and help people spread the word. I can’t even download the audio file here on your website!

    I am especially interested in the information discussed regarding Trey Goudy and Jason Chavez and how long they have sat on this information!!!

    Please provide me with some sources. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for your effort on this. I don’t understand why this is not getting more national attention. To use Comey’s words, any reasonable person could only conclude that this is a massive cover up or that the gov bueracy is much more fragmented and incompetent than ever imagined

  4. Sir,
    Im a disabled Vet, Airborne Ranger, I have served all over this planet. over 85 combat missions.
    I consider what you are doing as a huge effort to right the wrongs when our elite Government Officials think that they are above our intelligence rules, Laws and regulations.
    I’ve seen such things in so many 3rd world countries, never thought it possible here. Guess I was wrong. Sec. Clinton; She has broken the Law, so many times. Ex-Pres, impeached Bill and all those around her as well need to be brought out for America to see. The reason they did not shut you down is flat out curious. Just Thanks..

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