Huma Abedin Never Had Security Clearance & Secretary Clinton Allowed Her Un-authorized Access

* In documents disclosed to Citizen Researcher Dr. Larry Kawa by the US State Department, Huma Abedin signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (SF-312) for classified information under penalty of perjury.
* In the agreement Abedin is advised against “negligent handling of classified information” could cause “irreparable injury” to the United States.
* In addition Abedin agrees that “unauthorized disclosure of classified information by me” could result in the violation of several intelligence and security laws, including the espionage act.
* Disclosure of classified information to Anthony Weiner through “negligent handling of classified information” would be a violation of this agreement, and a felony.  Aiding and Abetting Huma Abedin to commit this crime or cover it up would also be a felony.
* The Non-Disclosure & the Separation Agreement also reveal significant deficiencies at the State Department as several sections were never counter signed by the State Department.




* The Separation Statement (OF-109) affirmatively states that she has returned all classified material to the State Department and does not have access to any classified information.
* The Anthony Weiner email scandal revealed that Huma Abedin still had access to classified information on her Yahoo! account, which was accessed from Weiner’s laptop.  
* In other document releases, it was revealed that Hillary Rodham Clinton typically sent classified emails to Huma Abedin’s unsecure Yahoo! account  to be printed.  This would be a felony on the part of Hillary Rodham Clinton for illegally transferring classified documents through an insecure system, ultimately exposing them to individuals who did not have security clearance and potentially exposing them to hostile actors.  
* On Sept. 22 2016, according to CNN and other sources, more than 500 million Yahoo! accounts were hacked.  Hackers likely gained access to Huma Abedin’s Yahoo account.    

* This raises the question that in addition to classified information existing electronically within Clinton servers, Huma Abedin has printed files of classified information that have yet to be accounted for.  Such as revelation would require that a search warrant be issued for her home and business to search for classified material.

huma-abedin-separation-statement-page-001 huma-abedin-separation-statement-page-002

Statement by Dr. Larry Kawa

Initial access to these documents was sent to me by deputy assistant secretary of state Margaret Grafeld after my mail was tampered with in regards to a FOIA request I did for Hillary Clinton separation statement. There is still an open Senate investigation regarding a Mail temperature charge.
The first document known as an SF – 312 is a nondisclosure agreement for classified information. Huma Abedin signed onto the binding terms and conditions under threat of perjury. Please note condition number seven makes her potentially guilty under the espionage act… 18 USC 793 and 1924. She did not sign onto the required line swearing that she had a security briefing. That is a necessary condition in order to have top secret security clearance, a condition which was never met.
She also was not accepted under the acceptance line since she was never briefed. The SF-312 is a document that every state employee signs on the on ramp as they begin their tenure at the state department.
The OF – 109 separation statement is a document they sign up on the departure to be sure that security clearance has been cut off. The state department under the watch of the Obama administration is also supposed to have a DS – 1904 form signed from someone at the state department to ensure that classified access has been cut off. The DS – 1904 form apparently was never signed in the state department has been unable to produce. Such is the case with with many if not most of their employees.
The separation statement for Abedin reflects that she had knowledges that she swore under the threat of perjury that she she not only had her classified access cut off but that she would not communicate or transmit any data to any person without security clearance, coincidentally she didn’t have security clearance herself. Ever.
Furthermore in regards to her separation statement, the terms of her departure would never excepted by anyone at the state department as evidenced by the lack of acceptance into the signature line in the acceptance box. Additionally, under section 6 she criminally violated the espionage act under 18 USC 1001.
Incidentally it is a requirement of the law for all employees of the state department to sign a separation statement under 12 FAM (Foreign Affairs Manual) 564.4. No such document appears to exist for Hillary Clinton. There also is no DS – 1904 available for Hillary Clinton either which would suggest that classified access has been cut off upon her departure from State.
It is worth noting that in these documents executive order 12958 was later replaced with executive order 13526. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton violated sections 1.5 and 1.6 of executive order 13526, and executive order delineating protocols for classification and national security. It is also worth noting Vent on the Executive Order 13526 section 5.5 D there is a specific sanction delineating that at the very least, based on extremely careless actions in regards to failure to classify documents, Hillary Clinton’s security clearance should be promptly revoked by the then head of the agency, being John Kerry. That means that HRC should not be getting security briefings at this time as it is in violation of this executive order.
Lastly, as a point of interest, while Executive Order 13526 was signed by Barack Obama to replace Executive Order 12958, it is worth noting that executive order 12958, referenced in the NDA’s for Clinton, Abedin, and Mills, was signed by President Bill Clinton. All three of these individuals violated this executive order without being sanctioned.

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  1. Please have someone with grammar knowledge proofread your info. The errors are plentiful and need to be fixed so it doesn’t look like it was written by a teenager in a basement.

    1. I am voting for Trump because I do not believe being married to a President qualifies Hillary to gain the offices she has held plus I lived thru one Clinton Presidency and do not think we should have to endure another. However, I agree that better grammer and punctuation will get a point across much better.

  2. Larry:
    I was listening to part of your interview on Hannity and I part of the conversation on the 33,000 emails that Clinton deleted the FBI has them is that correct.
    The Corruption of the Obama administration is staggering!!!!
    If Clinton is elected President-our country maybe lost forever.
    Thank you.
    May God Bless you.
    Not sure I can help.
    Steve Carson
    Retired Football Coach

  3. Democrats keep running their pathetically ignorant mouths that Huma Abedins laptop only contains DUPLICATES so there is no crime

    Hey RETARDS , if that laptop does contain duplicates of the TOP SECRET information COMEY proved she did share on an unsecured server than this is PROOF OF NEGLIGENCE


    Humas laptop contains TOP SECRET information originating from OBUNGHOLE HIMSELF

    1. You really shouldn’t be using the word “retard” as a metaphor for stupidity…. It’s incredibly offensive. Unless what you are trying to do is draw attention away from the stupidity of the rest of your commentary. Then it almost worked. Lol

  4. Can you get this information to Wikileaks? I just listened to you on Hannity and am wandering why Chavez, Gowdy, and others won’t bring it out. Would it help to put it on Facebook, Youtube, etc?
    Dr. Coralie Cox.

  5. Ive prayed every day for at least a year this information is exposed and our congress wakes up!! They need to put her in handcuffs and end her crime spree! So sickened by the failure our justice department! Someone’s got to have been paid off. When will the truth come out? They even put a spin on Wikileaks to say our system has been hacked by the Russians!

  6. Great job! Keep up the good work. I hope for all Americans that this is resolved by the prosecution, conviction and imprisonment of all involved.nnet

  7. The FBI and James Comey are in the pockets of Hillary Clinton, they got caught, in this Hillary Clinton email scandal bad if you think about it, James Comey said there is no case and closed it.. Then the NYPD made him open it back up.. Anthony Wiener’s computer has it all there, and the New York Police Department has it, and made James Comey and the FBI reopen the case, there will be a big announcement soon, before the election..

  8. This is crazy. All this work and they still walk the streets and run for President. President Clinton’s affairs should be sent to the courts and he should be a sexual predator and sent to prison for all the women he hurt. What can we do as an American to make sure they pay for these crimes? Obama should be in trouble too. Thank you for working so hard to help us Americans who feel so betrayed with lies and deceit to know the truth. I say, they all need to be flushed out, all crooked government and this has got to be sent everywhere for people to see the truth. So happy to know we aren’t crazy or stupid. I’d like to know if all the deaths around them are orchestrated by them as well. Also , Chelsea and all the money they stole needs to be returned. This is justice that we have not seen for decades!!! You are the truth, thank you!!!

  9. It is obvious there is collusion by other higher ups,it is disheartening as Americans we have been deceived and continue to be deceived, but that know all of these facts nothing has been done. Where does the buck stop! Understanding that she is running for the highest office in the land, that so many people focus on those things that bring no validity to the campaign, namely she a women and was Secretary of State, nut points as coverup after coverup continues. Thank you for your diligence on exposing all of these facts!

  10. 1) Your Hannity show was more impressive than your many typos here indicate.

    2) A flying buddy, former SEAL, and best friend of Glen Dougherty, and I took Benghazi intel to many congressional committees back then and learned they’re way too slow.

    3) Any person can take evidence of a federal felony to an individual federal grand juror in the district in which the felony was committed and ask them to take it to the full jury. See

    4) 4 working days remain.

  11. Awesome job – great to see an ordinary American
    step up to the plate at this point in our history- the corrupt Ruling Class must be in a frenzy!
    We The People –
    Great Job Larry Kawa!!!!

  12. Dr. Kawa,

    Thank you! 11-1-16 I had the pleasure to hear you speak on the Hannity radio. You are an excellent speaker.

    I want to thank you for all of the knowledge I gained from you today.

    I’m a retired Police boss and grad of the FBI academy.

  13. I’d say that this is not only Espionage, but Treason as well, it “sells” our govt and its secrets to anyone who wants them, This is way beyond gross negligence or recklessness ! And although intent is not needed in this case, intent is splashed all over it ! This was not just a one time thing, this was ongoing all those four years PLUS two years following after she left office !

    And I understand, though not mentioned here, that Hillary had in her possession a special top level only program installed on her computer that is only allowed for the very top level of clearance that she never had. Wonder who got that for her ? That needs to be looked into because just having possession of that program is a felony !

  14. Just heard you on Hannity…will read your material ASAP. Your country THANKS YOU even if they don’t know it. I’ll bet they will soon.

    YOU are a good man!

  15. Thank you for your exhaustive and detailed research. Perhaps the FBI and DOJ will actually do something this time. I’m still shocked HRC attorneys were allowed to delete emails without consequence. Keep up the great work!

  16. remember ha is an Iranian national. this is why the heh clearance is not there. also, how much money did ha and hrc get from the uranium deal? good luck. these people are cleaned with bleech bit. oh by the way we are being hacked right now. I can see it on my security.
    don,t go to prison. we need you. jg

  17. As telling as this is, I can’t help but believe she and the rest of the Clinton Criminal Enterprise will walk. Love him or hate him, Trump has been the vessel by which our collective awareness has joined forces to stop this generational corruption…but it still depends heavily on any and all Patriots operating within the system.


  18. Thank you for not backing down in exposing more of this treasonous activity performed by this wretched person in Hillary Clinton.

  19. Thank you from my family and I as well. We are soooo angered by the different set of rules our corrupt government plays by. We have discussed many times over the years that when we were younger we were proud to be Americans, it is a feeling in your heart and soul. To know what has occurred over and over and the people who have suffered in vain around the world, not to mention us Americans due to these Washington insiders makes that feeling “not so much”. We pray for true unbiased justice for these crimes and to bring back the America we once thought existed.

  20. Dr. Kawa, thank you for your very good work!

    Note, there is a reference above to “mail temperature ” investigation that I think should be “Mail tampering “.


  21. Sir,
    Keep up the good work you are doing?
    I am amazed of how many people keep thier heads in the sand and will not speak out to the gross neglegence and corruption Hillary and her cronies have perpetrated against the American people.

    1. He said they told him there wasn’t enough Senatorial approval for them to do anything substantial. It’s a very sad situation.

  22. Believe the affairs of the Dept. of State, 2008-12, were handled from the Whitehouse thru an undisclosed group/individual, and actually bypassed Hillary Clinton & her coterie (except for special ceremonial occasions ). There was likely an unofficial “understanding” between the Clinton’s & the Obama administration that the Clinton’s could USE the Dept of State as a ‘base of operations’ for their Foundation recruitment credibility, but that actual/official Dept of State operations were not those of/by Hillary. This might explain why there was such lax security measures; why non-dot gov communications were permitted; and even why Hillary was ‘out of the loop’ with regard to the Benghazi incident (until she could be briefed by the REAL departmental operatives). The whole “Hillary State Dept” may well have been a ruse, a place where Hillary could ‘earn her creds/pad her c.v.’ for the post-Obama presidency run in 2016, while concurrently enhancing the coffers of the Foundation.


  24. Fantastic work….
    Please keep it up… I hope and pray some of the liberal minded people have the moral character that when exposed to these facts reject Hilary for the lier and crook that she is…

  25. Did this FOIA request become the reason the the FBI is back on the case? Did the FBI just realize a citizen did a better job than they did?

  26. I’m so afraid for our country. That this crime family is allowed to run for President is just so unbelievable. I cannot understand how anyone could vote for her. I’m praying and praying that Trump will win, and that our Electoral College won’t pull dirty tricks to declare Clinton the winner. I absolutely do not trust any facet of our government any more.

  27. This is just absurd, HRC should be in jail with abedin, Obama and all the rest. Come on people wake up. The law is clearly being violated

  28. I am a US Coast Guard Veteran a husband, father of three and grandfather and your investigations of this outrageous corrupted government lying political hacks is remarkable beyond belief. I completely agree with other comments saying you are a great American Patriot but would add truly great American Citizen and journalists that America needs more of. Where do you see today such detailed reporting which is obviously very scarce. I heard that once the FBI opened a file on Huma Abedin laptop named (Life Insurance) up popped the E-mail’s related to all bad things and this is why a warrant was needed and granted November 30th. Now we wait for the fallout of that which I hope tells the final truth about why Hillary Clinton should never be President of our nation. Thank You so much for your reporting as I’m sure others are greatly appreciates.

  29. Being that this goes ALL the way to the top and involves 100’s of people , HOW is this going to be handled? If they both had NO clearance why was that not dealt with accordingly?? Please don’t tell me they all will be pardoned

  30. I know this is not “on point”, but what happened to the 25-30 Americans evacuated from Benghazi? I am aware of the three brave men who came forward, but there were others who were wounded and some who were not. Did they change their names? Are they still alive?

  31. Gowdy made an interesting remark yesterday re; Hillary ‘s insistence that the fBI release what they have. Gowdy remarks that Huma has the authority to release the documents to the public those documents she failed to return to the State Department.

  32. A statement from the Trump camp that any illegal aliens found voting will automatically be deported would put a stop to some of the voting corruption being promulgated by the Democrats…. simple but effective….

  33. It is appalling that we have had someone with close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood with access to sensitive information critical to national security. I have long since wondered how the enemy knew where the Extortion 17 Chinook helicopter would be when it was shot down or if they just got lucky. But then, we have a president who never would have passed the clearance for his own security detail.

  34. Excellent work! Heard you on Sean Hannity am Radio show, so amazing the dedication and activism you do! Hats off to you
    ?? Vote Trump/Pence ??

    Thank you again…..
    @Vote4TrumpPrez (Twitter)

  35. So how far up the chain of command should accountability go? I simply don’t understand how the absolute gross negligence, abuse of power, corruption and deceitful ploys & lies just keep getting OVERLOOKED. When will it ever end? Apparently HRC, WJC and all of their cronies think they are UNTOUCHABLE. Well, what’s going to be done about it? America, if corruption is what you want on the grandest scale there EVER WAS…then vote for Harlot Clinton. If you aren’t rich, white, and able to pay to play, she doesn’t give one iota about you. And if you vote for her, you’re part of the ignorant masses that she’s mesmerized into absolute stupidity. If you get off mainstream and LEARN something (instead of wanting to be entertained, duped and lied to), then this country MIGHT have a chance. Nobody with a real conscience and armed with the truth WOULD EVER vote for her. Just the rich azzh0les who can buy their way to more power and influence. No matter how smooth of a talker she is, she’s still a corrupt snake waiting to bite. A vicious viper that can, and will if given the chance, kill what is left of America in favor of globalism- aka NWO. ☮️

  36. really sad day to see how much corruption and collusion exist in the govt. and media exist.If Obama cared two cents about this country he would force the d.o.j to quit protecting this vermin called the Clintons.His legacy will be that!

  37. I listen to you today on KSFO can you help please You have access to the talk show host of KSFO Trump has a website where you can volunteer to do phone calling and canvassing they give you script and phone numbers. If you could ask the talk show hosts to push this in the hours that they’re on the air can you imagine the ground force that we could get going for Trump. We need as many canvassers in this last week in all the tough states where we need support.
    I can’t get through to the radio station to ask them this but if they pitched it all throughout their hours we could get a good ground force going since so many people have cell phone plans with unlimited calling throughout the United States

  38. Excellent work and thank you so much for filling the void of information that the media at large has failed to investigate or cared to report. I’m sure this is no small endeavor for yourself and for Judicial Watch.

  39. Arrest all involved CNN and MSNBC and almost all major news papers are leading people wrong again these Clinton people are lying crooks They can not be in our White House HRC has election fraud ring RICO pay to play and classified and secret information smeared to God only knows who

  40. Right ON!!!
    “Wipe that server, baby!!!”

    The reward for lost emails has been increased to from $30,000 for 30,000 recovered to $650,000 for 650,000!!! for more info.

    Great job guys

  41. I had long investigations but I am still on inactive reserve duty and still have my presidential clearance its a crime what they have both done they were planning on keeping their clearance going in the presidential election me personaly I wont give good intel for hiliary

  42. GREAT WORK! It’s just unbelievable! A paperwork snafu and technically a legal nightmare. It is as if the form was just never bothered to be reviewed by state dept employees and just assumed to be complete and accurate. Is the high level state dept process of these forms compromised? ??

    Maybe Hillary is such a bitch that everything is just treated as being complete to keep the smelly and verbally vicious ogre HRC away from the Gov employees.

  43. For the Sake of the United States of America, American citizens, childen, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and all future citizens of America,

    Please America, Just Say No to Hillary Clinton!!!

    We have tolerated Hillary Clinton’s negligence, criminal behaviour, and her Arrogance for Too Long!

    Be American Patriots.

    Stand Tall for America!

    Vote Donald J. Trump in as
    45th President of the United States of America.

    Make America Secure!

    Make America Strong!

    Make America Prosperous!

    Make America Great Again!

    America needs and deserves a Strong, Trustworthy, Vision Clear Leader.

    America needs Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States to lead America into the Future.

    Vote Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America.

    Donald J. Trump will stand Strong and Work Dilligently and Hard for All Americans.

  44. The DNC has to require Hillary Clinton to abort her campaign for president.
    The mere fact that the DNC has not to this point done this is proof that the entire democratic party is corrupt and has no erhical or moral values!

  45. Huma should never have been allowed anywhere near those emails. She is an Arab. Sure she was born in America, but like Obama she was exposed to Islamic teaching, which states that Americans are infidels (like Christians and Jews) that must be killed, and Islam must rule in America. That explains a lot of Hillary’s love of Islam and hatred of Christianity, and her desire to bring in massive numbers of “refugees” of which many are radical Muslims. They get preferential treatment, even citizenship on the spot! That is a wrong against Americans an all who want to immigrate the proper way.

  46. I am absolutely disgusted that Hillary Clinton has allow such risk to our National Security. 30 years in public office has taught her nothing and her “successes” are minuscule at best. What recommends this woman to be candidate for POTUS, but her amassed fortune from the CORRUPT CLINTON FOUNDATION???? SICK, SICK, SICK

  47. Making a change – one by one
    Like you I am a whistleblower!

    Keep pressing on against the law breakers!

    I have a number of websites that have been hacked after posting about the state of our nation!

  48. Clarence Lipscomb proposition ONE :
    A new prison wing to be constructed at Levenworth Prison without any HVAC (that’s air conditioning primarily for the edification of the uninitiated) for the exclusive incarciration of professional, Establishment Political Figures of both major U.S.A. political parties. SERIOUSLY ! Hot air generated therein will heat for the guests. The lack thereof will help cool them (but I doubt it). Absolutely NO MAIN STREAM MEDIA WILL BE ALLOWED TO CONSOLE THE GUESTS. Someone suggested to me that we call it HOTEL CALIFORNIA. What you think ?

    More propositions to follow shortly.

  49. Thank you for getting to the truth.
    More Americans want to see all the criminals put into prison.
    This would include Lynch, Press people, Bill Clinton and many more.

  50. with all the proof out there that Hillary has committed a crime, in fact several crimes, why can’t a police officer or sheriff arrest her? Could or would the secret service stop them? I know she would get bailed out immediately but at least she would have to present her case. Who knows she may even get convicted.

  51. If this was a soldier or even a private citizen of the USA
    , we would be arrested, imprisioned and fined!

    Also charged with treason and espionage!
    I expect our Justice Department and our FBI to do the same with Hillary Clinton, Uma abobien and her husband Mr.
    Wiener! ???

  52. I blame the RNC for not having the balls to make sure this got on the national news (Not to mention having a bigger say who the debate moderators would be). So many people believe that this latest truth about Hillary is just a Trump scheme. I’ll vote for Trump, but will change my party affiliation to Independent after the election. Why can’t TV news be forced to tell both sides of a story in an unbiased manner. this election and Mrs. Clinton sickens me.

  53. Hilary Clinton and Hilary’s husband Bill Clinton sold out the American people during the time of Bill Clinton last days in office when he signed NAFTA and gave my job and hundred of thousands of jobs to foreign Nation to undermine the people of our Nation to for fill the Clinton Foundation agenda!

  54. The only thing needed is the enforcement of the laws that were broken. The Clintons are an absolute crime family, and to allow her to remain as the Democrat nominee is not only validating America’s view on the corruption of the current administration, but forcing America to accept the tyranny that Obama has forced on this nation.

  55. ‘Wiener-gate’ ? that’s funny! As the FBI crawls up in her and her Foundation! ? And apparently the FBI colonoscopy of ‘pay to play’ isn’t over with.

  56. I got what you intend, appreciate it for posting .Woh I am lucky to find this website through google. I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out. by Steven Wright. fkefgbaaddgd

  57. The center of gravity here is not if her account with classified material was hacked or not. Hacking is an effect of a criminal act of breaking the laws and rules. Everyone sending, receiving classified material has also broke the law. Along with all those with knowledge of people using non-secure email for classified or government related work and did not report the crime.

  58. With the “one world, open borders” crowd, there should be no secrets (except for how much money our leaders and their friends are skimming off for leading the masses down the path of enlightenment.)

  59. Hillary For Prison! Never a truer statement.
    Her staff and others too! BTW, will not bring up itowreport.c** It shows a DNS error.

  60. I cannot believe that Clinton has not been arrested. I know the Clintons are worse than the mob, but surely
    someone law enforcement would have the courage to
    arrest her. She is worse than the worse criminal. She lies
    has people killed that are going to testify against her and when held accountable for anything lies her way out.

  61. Send them all to prison. Take all their assets to pay for what this has cost the American people. So sick of all the corruption.

  62. The Clintons represent more corruption, crime, dishonesty & lying than the Mafia ever dreamed of, not to mention treason & espionage also !! Hopefully a day will come when America will witness justice being done and this family of slime & scum will receive the prison sentences of which they are so deserving !! God Bless America – Vote TRUMP !!

  63. This is unbelievable (not really). The only(not the only) thing that we need to worry about is her getting elected then even if there is an indictment, either Obama or even herself pardoning the Clintons, Huma, Weiner and everyone involved in this cover-up/corruption/BS!

  64. You are a blessing! If you can find all this information and our politicians cannot…then we are truly in trouble as a nation. Keep up the great work and let me know if we can help!

  65. If these crooks get away with this series of crimes I will lose all faith in our system. Donald Trump said he will not pursue Hillary but I hope his administration will follow up and put these people where they belong. After all Huma is an Arab so who know who she has worked with and for.

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