Kawa on Hannity discussing FBI’s failure to search the Datto hardware device already in their possession

Dr. Larry Kawa’s Interview with Sean Hannity on 10/31/2016 discussing FBI’s failure to search the Datto hardware device already in their possession


26 thoughts on “Kawa on Hannity discussing FBI’s failure to search the Datto hardware device already in their possession”

  1. Wow . Why has this not been disclosed to the people of our country ? How does Huma not have security ckearance and handles hillary ?

  2. Amazing stuff! The news that Huma Abedin technically never had a security clearance is astonishing, but even more confounding is that the FBI had the Datto hard drive and never examined it. Or have they? Is that the real reason Comey changed his position? I haven’t seen anything like this in my 66 years as a journalist and researcher.

  3. Patriots like you and others help me keep the faith!! I’m a Vietnam veteran who served with honor and hate to see our country stolen by such corruption in the likes of the Obama/Hillary mafia!

  4. Information on this site will
    help people realize just how
    drastically Hillary Clinton
    has & is lying to all the
    American people.

  5. Heard you today and am spreading the word. It’s hard to find you. Google will not alow me to put your web address and search. I had to go through Sean Hannity. Keep up the great work!

  6. why is there virtually NO press or even conservative commentary on the $1.8B that the Clinton Foundation (??) sent to Qatar a week or so ago? Do you have additional intel on that transfer of funds?

  7. Dr. Kawa,
    As an American that loves this country and a father of three Marines, I listened to you on The Hannity program today. Not only was I very proud of YOU as a fellow American that you have taken your time, energy and resources (I would bet lots of all of the aformentioned). Disgust at our current process, and lack of leadership. The facts are right there. We have people that HAVE PUT US AT RISK. Our security and safety has been compromised. Putting HRC in office would be the end of America as we know it. Please keep fighting the good fight. I would love to get in front on Trey Gowdy or anyone who listen, this makes me sick.

  8. Absolutely astonishing interview. I am now really depressed. We are already living in a banana republic, I had no idea it was this bad. Thank you Sean and Dr. Kawa for being the GREAT Americans you are! How do I access this interview so I can forward it to my friends and family?

  9. Why have you not looked at the data in
    Datto hardware of Hillary’s? Get with the program!!!
    We can’t have a lawbreaker in the presidency. We can’t let our secrets out either. Foreign actors will destroy us!!!

  10. Heard your interview with Hannity yesterday (2016-11-1) on Fox News Radio. WOW! Sounds like the FBI has taken to committing crimes rather than just investigating them. No surprise I suppose with the current “leadership” that we have.
    God bless you and Judicial Watch! Hopefully God will return to blessing America again if, as Tom Fitton’s book says, we Clean House! 2017-1-20 End of an Error!

  11. What is worse than Hillary’s treasonous behaviour is that half of the American population doesn’t care and in theirinexcusable ignorance will likely elect her to be President . In the immortal words of Pogo …”I have seen the enemy and it is us”.

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